Mobile Apps


We develop mobile apps for the operating system Android (Smartphones and Tablets). Hybrid or Html5 Apps.

Modern Apps

Give your business more visibility online with a mobile app. As you may know, mobile apps are a significant portion of the online market these days. We do HTML5/Hybrid apps.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid apps have the advantage and simplicity of building an web page, using common technologies (Html/Css/Javascript) but "wraping" them up in a native app. The final product will have the look of a native app but it's more simple and economic to build.

Android Apps

We guarantee HTML5 or Hybrid Mobile Apps for the Android operating system only. In the future we will broaden our horizonts to include iOS(Apple) and Windows Mobile(Microsoft).

HTML5 Mobile Apps - Low-cost Solution

These are web based mobile apps. This kind of apps run through your browser's device. This is the quickest and economic solution. They are best suited for an online catalog/portfolio in the form of a mobile app.


You Mobile App can have different kinds of features according to this particular platform. Contact forms, user registration/login, search with filters, bookings and others.

It's also possible to integrate your App with known social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, etc...


Choose if and how you want to monetize your mobile app. You can want you app to be free, to have a fixed price or even to be monetized through ads.

Contact us for more info and/or a budget proposal